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Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

Trademark is basically a ‘logo’ or ‘brand’ which makes you different from your rivals. Trademark registration is useful to protect company brand and logo and confining others from utilizing the same. For instance the logo of Reebok and their tagline ‘I am what I am’ is registered trademark, this makes them unique. It gives them protection because it is against law to use the same logo and tagline.

A registered trademark is abstract identity of a business and it is used to safeguard the organization expenditure in logo and brand. TM number is allocated within 3 days through Trademark department but it approximately takes 2 years to be registered hence in the meantime you can use ® symbol along with brand name. It highly suggested that company registration is not enough for your business so it is mandatory to get trademark registration on your logo and brand which will protect your from imitation.

Trademark Registration can be don’t through entity Legal-deals which is a leading organization in providing Legal deals services online in patna all the major cities of India.


Government Fees
Application Preparation
Application Filing

Process of Trademark Registration

Fill our trademark registration form

Applicant need to complete trademark registration from available on our website with all details and upload required documents.

Perform trademark search

To identify whether the logo is already used by any other business or not expert perform trademark research for that.

Choose suitable class

We will suggest you to choose the suitable class from 45 classes which relates to the nature of your business.

Filing of Trademark Application

We prepare your trademark application within 3 days get TM number for you.

Trademark Registration completed

Your trademark is registered in almost 2 years, however in this period of time no any competitor should raise any objection to your trademark application

What is Trademark?

A trademark is a unique identity of your business along with product and services which makes you different from others. A trademark can be anything which includes number, name, symbol, device, visual symbol etc. These are used to make your business unique from others.

Trademark is your individuality among other business which gives you novelty from competitors. Holder of trademark have complete authority to use the trademark under the categories they have chosen to register (Total no. of categories are 45, which are called classes). Trademark can be register under the Trademark Act, 1999 and it gives right to trademark owner to take legal action if anyone tries to damage and misuse his trademark without his consent.


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Benefits of Trademark

Legal Protection

It provides you legal protection as you become the authorized person of the registered trademark and no other person has right to utilize your registered trademark without your consent. But remember one thing if trademark is not registered then no action would be taken against the offenders. But if your trademark is registered then as an owner of registered trademark you can take legal action against anyone who endeavors to imitate your trademark without your permission.

Unique Identity

Trademark registration has one of the significant benefits is that allows you to set a sole distinctiveness of your organization and no any rival can utilize your trademark for same services and products.

Asset Building

Registered trademark works as an asset for the owner as he can effortlessly give trademark on contract basis or sell franchise to third party. It is like an intellectual property for you.

Credibility and Trust

As registered trademark brings the uniqueness to your product, it can easily create a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer.

Promote your brand

Registered trademark can be found in government trademark database which means that it can be found easily by the users. It creates your identity and popularity among the customer which leads you to promote your brand.

Promote your brand

Registered trademark can be found in government trademark database which means that it can be found easily by the users. It creates your identity and popularity among the customer which leads you to promote your brand.

What can be Trademarked?

  • Name: A name which includes surname or personal name of owner in the business and it can be signature of the person.
  • Numbers: Any number, alphanumeric, letters or combination for example 555 brand
  • Word: Word can be trademarked also which is not directly promoting the business like yahoo.
  • Image: Image, symbol, 3D images, and monograms letters etc. for example three black lines in Reebok logo
  • Sound: Sound which have audio format for example various ads jingle.

Who can apply for a Trademark Registration?

Any business or individual who are the owner can apply for a trademark which includes

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Proprietor
  • Society

It is suggested you to apply trademark registration as an individual because if you apply as a businessman and after that in case you want to change or close the business then your trademark considered as invalid, but there will be no any such problem in case of individual

Steps in Trademark Application

Step 1: Trademark Search

Legal Deals insures that the trademark which has been applied by the owner is already registered in the trademark department or not. You can also check yourself in our website and this search will allow you to know about status of trademark application. If it is not registered then you can get it registered without any difficulties.

Step 2: File Trademark Application

After checking the availability of your desired trademark name or design, we will send you an authorization letter which needs to be signed by you send it to us again. These important letters authorize our lawyers to file trademark application for further proceedings.

Step 3: Trademark application submission (1 day)

After receiving your authorization letter, we insure that no any information on the application is wrong or incomplete. Our lawyer will submit the trademark application on your behalf. After that we will give TM application and you can use ™ for your trademark. We will file your trademark different at the central trademark department through online. It is highly advised that file trademark application only through licensed lawyer such Legal Deals.

Step 4: Trademark registration (1.5 years)

After trademark application becomes complete, your application will be authenticated by the trademark department. If your trademark is copied or containing any explicit material that can affect society or any religion then government can raise objection.

If no objection is raised, then the trademark registrar will post an advertisement in trademark journal. If no objection is raised during the period of 4 month, then the trademark will be registered in 6 month. During this whole process we will give alerts and information about the progress of your case. You will have to pay extra if objection is raised

Step 5: Hearing before Registrar

If any objection is raised against your trademark application but the counterparty don’t get satisfied with your response the further hearing will be in front of trademark registrar. We deploy lawyers which will fight your case on behalf you in front of trademark registrar

What are the different trademark symbols: ‘TM’, ‘SM’ and ‘R’?

‘TM’ Symbol

‘TM’ symbol can be used with your brand until your trademark gets registered and when your trademark application is pending. This will inform the general public that the person has claim with this particular symbol or brand. And this claim can be valid or invalid which totally depend upon the result of trademark registration.

What are the documents required for Trademark Registration in India?

If you are individual then you need to submit all the Identity proofs. In case of company you need to submit the company registration documents for Trademark Registration in India.

‘SM’ Symbol

‘SM’ symbol is used which service mark which differentiate the source of a service but not product. TM is for product and SM is for service.

‘R’ Symbol

‘R’ Symbol is valid for your brand when your trademark is registered and Trademark Registrar issue Certificate of Registration for your brand.

However in above mentioned symbols, there is no doubt that TM is the most used symbol which is being used often by the brand owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trademark department has categorized services and goods under 45 classes. While filing the trademark application it is mandatory to mention the class/ classes of the services /goods. The Trademark will be registered under the chosen class only.
Trademark is an intellectual property which protects your brand name, logo, symbol etc. but copyright gives you protection of your unique literature content, books, software, movie, video and music.
No, the registered trademark is valid in India under Trademark Act 2000. However it can work as a base for registering your trademark in other countries.
Well company registration is only for your company it will not protect your brand identity. It is advised to protect your company identity you have to register trademark remigration
When trademark registration application is approved by the government, then a TM number is assigned by the trademark department within 1-2 days of fling of application and after that you can use TM with your brand.
Legal Deals offers trademark registration services in all over India in all major cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Luknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore etc.

There are 45 different classes has been mentioned in trademark registry and the class/classes of services/goods must be accurately mention in trademark application. The trademark will be registered under the chosen trademark class, therefore make sure that choose only appropriate class. Here is the list of trademark classes:

Classes Description Classes Description Classes Description
Class 1 Chemicals Class 16 Stationery & Paper Goods Class 31 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Class 2 Paints, Coatings Class 17 Rubber Products Class 32 Beer & Beverages
Class 3 Cleaning Products Class 18 Leather Goods Class 33 Alcoholic Beverages
Class 4 Fuels, Industrial Oils Class 19 Building Material Class 34 Tobacco Products
Class 5 Veterinary Products Class 20 Furniture Class 35 Advertising & Business Services
Class 6 Metals, metal castings Class 21 Crockery Class 36 Insurance & Financial Services
Class 7 Machines and Machine Tools Class 22 Ropes Class 37 Construction & Repair Services
Class 8 Hand Tools and implements Class 23 Yarns & Threads Class 38 Telecommunications Services
Class 9 Computers & Scientific Devices Class 24 Fabrics Class 39 Shipping & Travel Services
Class 10 Surgical Instruments Class 25 Clothing,Footwear & Headgear Class 40 Treatment of Materials Services
Class 11 Appliances Class 26 Lace & Embroidery Class 41 Education & Entertainment Services
Class 12 Vehicles Class 27 Carpets Class 42 Science &Technology Services
Class 13 Firearms Class 28 Games & Toys Class 43 Food Services
Class 14 Jewellery Class 29 Meat Extracts Class 44 Medical & Veterinary Services
Class 15 Musical Instruments Class 30 Coffee & Rice Products Class 45 Legal & Security Services


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