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Trademark Objection

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Trademark Objection

Trademark is a unique identity of a brand which differentiates a company from others. Trademark is your intellectual property that makes your introduction to your customer. Trademark could be anything in the form of photograph, logo, slogan, color combination, word, sound, graphic etc.

Sometime objections can be raised by trademark department due to the application you submit doesn’t meet with the legal requirements. There could be multiple reasons of raising trademark objection. It might be the reason that your trademark is hurting the sentiments of any religion, or it might be possible that your trademark logo or tagline is similar to other company trademark. These are some of the example which cause objection. If you got any objection from other party, then you have to revert back within 1 month. The Trademark office will issue a proper legal objection letter and if you don’t respond then Trademark Registrar has complete authority to reject your application.


Government Fees
Objection Drafting
Objection Filing

Process for Trademark Objection

Fill a simple form

You need to fill your required details and submit your needed documents.

Objection Submission

Legal-Deals will prepare needed objection and submit it to the Trademark Registrar

Your work is accomplished

After the objection is filed, the trademark department will send an acknowledgement slip to the applicant.

Why Should You Respond Back To a Trademark Objection?

When you get any trademark objection from Trademark Department then you need to be prepared for the situation. You must have the proper evidence which verify that your trademark has not violated any terms and you don’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments moreover it has nothing to do with existing logo or word with another brand.

It will give your brand protection from other counterparty so that you can sue anyone who is using your trademark.

It gives your brand a sole distinctiveness as trademark symbolizes your organization that helps you to appear unique among your competitors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Trademark Registry has categorized services and goods under 45 different classes. While fling the trademark application it is mandatory mention the classes/class of services or goods. Trademark must be registered with one of the mentioned class only.
The validity of a Trademark is for 10 years and it is renewable.
If you are an individual you need to submit your identity proof , Soft copy of logo and word in JPEG format, TM 48 Form, Date of when you use first this trademark, name and address of applicant and required fees. And if you are business owner then you need to submit the registration documents of your company along with all the documents which are mentioned above.
The trademark registered which registered under the Trademark Act 2000 is only valid in India. However in some countries trademark registered in India can be a base for registering a trademark for the respective country.
Copyright provide protection for unique content, literature, music, sound, movie, software etc. But on the other hand Trademark gives protection to your brand which includes logo, tagline, brand name etc.
After you your trademark application get approval by the government, then a TM Number will be issued to the applicant by Trademark Department in between 1-2 days of submitting application and after that you can use TM with your brand.

Company registration, domain name registration, business name is not providing you the protection of your brand identity but Trademark Registration gives you protection for your brand identity.


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