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Patent Registration

Patent registration allows in receiving intellectual property right an invention bring by an individual or organization. Intellectual Property department in India has been introduced by the government of India which facilities you to register your invention under patent (but it must be unique and original). The user must submit all required documents and proofs regarding the invention as questioned by the government. It is obvious that the real owner will get more priority than any other person for invention. In India the Patent registered under the Patent Act 1970 & Patent rules 1972.

The invention can be anything like chemical, computer application, electronic machine and so on. You can do patent registration through CA on Web that is most appreciated entity in CA services online in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & all other Indian cities.


Prior Art Search
Application Drafting
Application Filing
Government Fees

Process for Patent Registration

Fill Patent Registration Form

Fill our simple Patent Registration Form and provide your all information which is needed for patent registration.

Conduct Patent Search

After getting all the documents from applicant, we will perform patent search for you.

Draft Patent Application

As per your information and documents we will draft patent application for you.

Submission of Patent

After verifying the all the documents, we will submit the documents on Indian patent office.

Patent registration is complete

After submitting all the required documentation and files we will send a mail to you attaching the acknowledgment number for Patent registration.

Eligibility for Filing a Patent

  • Innovative and original: The invention should be unique and it should not be already registered under Indian patent office before the date of registering the patent.
  • Influential or surprising: The invention must have the unexpected and influential quality that can easily impact the innovation.
  • Industrial compatibility: Invention must be compatible for the industry; it means that it should be useful for the industry.


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Why Patent Registration?

  • You can get the royalty by licensing your patent
  • You can get the protection over 20 years for your patent in India
  • Prevent others from using your invention without your approval
  • You can use your invention yourself

What is Patent?

The Patent registration in India is authorized by the Patents Rules 1972 & Patents Act, 1970

Patent registration is an approval by the India patent office that facilitates patent holder to have sole right for the period for 20 years in India on the progress and utilization of an invention.

In this patent registration the patent owner have full authority to provide his invention to third party or firm and get credit or royalty. Nobody can import, export, manufacture and process the product without approval of patent owner.

Benefits of Patent Registration

  • Patent secure your invention: By getting the patent registration for your invention you are confirming the security of your invention which is your intellectual property.
  • Transfer or sell patent right: As an owner of invention you can sell or transfer your patent which helps you to get more royalty and funds for your invention.
  • Patent protect your invention: Patent registration provide protection to your intellectual property for 20 years.

Steps for Patent Registration

Patent Registration is a process of to protect your invention by registering under patent through Patent Act. It allows you sole authority to utilize your invention in public domain. This is not a casual matter; if you have invention then it becomes necessary to register it through Patent Act so that nobody can claim right on your invention. Before applying for patent registration there are some important steps which need to follow:

Step1: Patent Search: A comprehensive search is conducted to make sure that invention does not exist already on your idea. If anyone who has already the patent the same invention that you have then patent is not granted. Patent search saves your time because the registration process can be lengthy and if there is any other invention patent is exists then you can quit the idea and it will save your tome

Step 2: Patent domicile – Patent which has been registered in India can only protect your invention with India and it will not apply to other countries. But you can protect your invention by fling the patent registration in other country too and for that you have to apply separate registration is every country.

Step 3: Submit Patent application – Patent registration application should be submitted to the patent department before presenting entire details of your invention.

Step 4: Patent Review – Indian patent office will review your patent application. They will check whether the patent is already registered or not. If they find that the invention is innovative and fresh then they grant for patent registration.

Step 5: Patent Grant – Once your patent get approval or grant from Indian Patent office then the status of the patent application will be uploaded online at the patent website. Usually it may take approximately 6 month to 1.5 years to get the granted patent certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be any invention which is related to technology, science, machine, electronic device and many more which can be patented to protect their novelty.
The invention must fulfill the patentability criteria under the Patents Rules 1972 & Patents Act, 1970 in India. The invention should be unique and compatible for industry.
Well user can draft application themselves but it is highly suggested that to take professional help because the process is complicated and it needs legal and technical knowledge which you can get from CA on Web, the most appreciated CA services online in India.
Patent registration valid up to for 20 years from the date of filing the permanent patent and after this period it would fall for public domain
It is highly advised that if possible than stop yourself to disclose the details of your invention because it can be risky for you. It might be possible that your details can be stolen and any other person can file application for patent. However if discussing the details is very important for you then you should sign non –disclosure agreement with your investor or business partner.
If you want to patent your software invention then make sure that it comes under the patentability criteria of being unique, non-obvious and industrial applicability. Moreover it should not come under non patentable product. You need an expert patent expert such as CA on Web which helps you to detect the patentability criteria.
No, the patent are approved or granted on the condition that it will be available for general public therefore it is not possible to keep it secret.
Well, it will totally depend upon the nature of an app. If this is related to technology concept then you should patent your app however your app should fulfill the patentability criteria. Logo and design can be protected under trademark registration and any artistic and literary work can be protected under trademark registration.
Patent search is essential because there is numerous applications for patent received by Indian patent offices but not every patent application is approved because there are so many application which are copied. Patent search insure the uniqueness and novelty of invention.
You can do it yourself and there is no problem in that, but there is need of expert advice for patent search. Since they are professional so they will make your application more precise and accurate therefore it is recommended to contact CA on Web for patent application.
CA on Web is Pan India Level organization that has conducted Patent registration services across whole India including major cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida, Luknow, Jaipur, Mumbai,. Chennai, Kolkata and many more.


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