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LLP Registration

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LLP Registration

LLP Stands for Limited liability partnership and it is controlled through by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. Limited Liability partnership offer benefits of limited liability to its holder and it requires minimum maintenance. The owners of Limited Liability partnership have constrained liability to creditor. In case of any defaulter or bankruptcy banks or creditor can sell out company assets but they cannot sell the personal assets of owners.

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Why select LLP Registration

  • Double benefits – partnership and Company
  • If one partners violating the term the other partner won't be liable for others act
  • It takes less cost as comparative to private limited company
  • It constrained the liability of its shareholders


Government Registration Fees
Application Preparation
Document submission to MSME registrar
Obtain MSME certificate

Process for LLP Registration

Fill Our LLP Registration Form

You need to fill our easy LLP registration form and submit LLP documents

Bring DPIN and DSC for LLP

After filing your documents you will get DPIN and DSC from our side

LLP Verification and Name Approval

Information provided by the user will be authenticated after that you will be provided LLP name approval by us.

Submission of LLP Document

We will prepare all the needed documents of (MOA and AOA) submit them with ROC for your LLP (limited Liability Partnership).

Final work accomplished

After you LLP registration, you will get Digital Signature Certificate and LLP Certificate


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What Is LLP or Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is a distinctive legal entity which provides advantages of limited liability of company and suppleness in partnership. In this LLP registration one partner is not responsible for the discrepancy by other partner. LLP has come to an existence in India by Limited Liability Partnership ACT, 2008. The main motto behind the need of Limited Liability Partnership to simplify the business and limits the liability of owners.

Benefits of LLP

  • Single Legal Authority : A LLP is a legitimate entity and a juristic individual set up under the Act. The accomplices are not liable to any misconduct for each other and both can challenge each other and get sued all the while.
  • Continuous Existence : LLP has a continuous succession till it is not dissolved by mutual agreement between the partners. Partners can be changed but LLP will be remaining the same.
  • Audit not required : Businessman are generating turnover that limits up to 40 Lakhs and paid capital investment is less than 25 lakhs and they don't need to audit their accounts. Hence LLPs are an appropriate for small and startup business which are in their initiation process and need least regulatory obligation regarding procedures.
  • Easy and Transferable : LLP ownership can be easily transferred to another party. All you require to accept them as the elected partner of LLP. LLP is a distinctive legal entity distinct from its owners. Therefore by changing the partner, the possession of LLP can be altered.
  • Holding Property : LLP as separate legal person can obtain, utilize and holding property in its own name and this will be purely different from its shareholders. No any partner can claim on the property of LLP until the LLP continuously running.
  • Limited Liability: One of the biggest benefits of LLP is that it has limited liability on partner. It means that the status separate legal entity liable only to restrained amount of debts of LLP. Contrary to partnership and proprietorship the personal assets of the partner are secure if company goes on bankruptcy. Therefore it is safe to opt out for LLP suffix for your organization.

Factors to Consider In LLP Name Selection

The name of your LLP is imperative and it should attract your vendors, purchaser and shareholders. There are multiple factors which you should remember while selecting the name of your company

  • Simple and Short : The name should be short and not excessive lengthy. The name should be easily remembered and pronounced by people
  • Meaningful : The name of your company should be related to your business theme, it should suit your company product and brand.
  • Unique : The name of LLP should be unique and it should not be the sam as the existing name in the market.
  • Suffix : The name of your Limited liability partner should end with suffix of LLP
  • Should not be offensive and illegal : The LLP name should not violate law and the name should not offense any religion or community. The name should not use foul word or phrases. It should not the breach the Emblems and name (prevention of improper use) Act 1950. It should not use the word "British India"


Minimum 2 partners are needed for LLP Registration. The maximum partner for LLP registration limits 200. And if you are single owner then you can register your company as one Person Company
Any person and company can be the partner in LLP which includes NRI/ foreigners Any individual/organisation can become the partner in LLP including foreigners/NRI's. However, the individual must 18+ above in terms of age and should have a valid PAN card.
Our process is totally online that means it is not mandatory for owner to be present physically. You can send your document scanned copy through mail and then we will do further actions. LLP Company Registration certificate is provided to you from MCA through courier at your mentioned business address
We are very transparent in our services therefore we don't have any hidden charges. After your payment we will send you proper invoice details that don't have any hidden charges. We will support you round the clock until you get your LLP Bank account.
You must have minimum Rs 5000 amount balance in your Bank account. There is no need to invest more than 5000 to start the business. Even you don't have to deposit this amount to the bank; you can show that the capital has been used as the pre- registration expenses of LLP.
Yes, but the condition is that he must have the DPIN and DIN; however one of the owners must be the citizen of India. Even a foreigner director can acquires more shares than Indian partner.
Yes, LLP can be registered at your residential address and it is purely legal to initiate the company from your age. MCA officials generally don't visit physically your office. All you need to provide address proof such as electricity bill, Voter ID and rent agreement.
Yes, definitely a salaried person can be a partner in an LLP. However one needs to take the permission of his organization and take no objection certificate. There are so many companies that have no issue if their employee is directory in another organization.
No there is no provision to change your LLP firm into Private Limited Company because it is not MCA. LLP Act, 2008 and the Companies Act 2013 have no such provision of conversion. But if you want to register a private limited company with same name of LLP Registration Company then you can do it, all you need to issue a no objection certificate.
CA On Web delivers LLP registration certificate in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Surat and other major cities in India.


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